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Here: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula edited by Ronald Riekki. Over 30 authors, including Roxane Gay, April Lindala, Sharon Dilworth, and Gloria Whelan, appear in this exceptional volume of poetry, short fiction, and novel excerpts describing the unique character of the Upper Peninsula. List $24.95 / Sale $15.

Eight Mile High by Jim Ray Daniels. In these linked short stories, the constants are the places—from Eight Mile High, the local high school, to Eight Miles High, the local bar; from The Clock, a restaurant that never closes, to Stan’s, a store that sells misfit clothes. List $19.95 / Sale $12.

Lakeshore Living: Designing Lake Places and Communities in the Footprints of Environmental Writers by Paul J. Radomski & Kristof Van Assche. An approach to lakeshore living that addresses the need to create rich, sustainable places and communities on the water. List $29.95 / Sale $18.

Wolf’s Mouth by John Smolens. In WW II Michigan, a novel of a POW escape from an Upper Peninsula prison and an American woman helps him elude capture as they flee to the Lower Peninsula. List $26.95 / Sale $16.

Learning in the Plural: Essays on the Humanities and Public Life by David D. Cooper. Civic engagement can rescue the humanities from a prolonged identity crisis and yield knowledge contributing to the public good. List $24.95 / Sale $15.

Love Is My Savior: The Arabic Poems of Rumi. This new dual-language volume opens a treasury of Rumi’s mystic thought and startling poetry.  List $19.95 / Sale $12.

The Unauthorized Audubon by Laura B. DeLind and Anita Skeen. Printmaker DeLind and poet Skeen never set out to produce a book when they began exchanging prints and poems. But, as they began to appreciate at a deeper level the skill involved in each other’s work, they began to find meaning in small things—patterns, memories, carefully chosen words. Illustrated. List  $14.95 / Sale $9.

Confessions of a Presidential Speechwriter by Craig R. Smith. Describes being a speechwriter in a field where the only constant is change: from writing for President Ford, consulting with Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush, the Republican caucus of the U.S. Senate, and Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca. List $39.95 / Sale $24.

The Murder of Joe White: Ojibwe Leadership and Colonialism in Wisconsin by Erik M. Redix. In 1894, two Wisconsin game wardens were sent to arrest an Ojibwe ogimaa (chief), Joe White, for hunting deer out of season and off-reservation. They found White and tried to arrest him. This study of White’s murder shows this event within decades of struggle at Rice Lake to resist removal to Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, created at the 1854 Treaty of La Pointe. List $34.95 / Sale $21.

The Edge of the Woods: Iroquoia, 1534–1701 by Jon Parmenter. Drawing on archival and published documents in several languages, archeological data, and Iroquois oral traditions, this explores how spatial mobility represented the geographic expression of Iroquois social, political, and economic priorities. Paperback List $24.95 / Sale $15.

Dangerous Friendship: Stanley Levison, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Kennedy Brothers by Ben Kamin. Long-concealed FBI surveillance documents produced this history of Martin Luther King Jr. that the government kept secret for years: the story of Stanley Levison, a well-known figure in the Communist Party–USA, who became one of King’s closest friends. List $22.95 / Sale $14.

Food in the Civil War Era: The North edited by Helen Zoe Veit. Vol. 1 in the American Food in History series. Excerpts from five Civil War–era cookbooks present a compelling portrait of cooking and eating in the urban north of the 1860s United States. List $29.95 / Sale $18.
      · A Selection of Modernized Recipes from Food in the Civil War: The North. A companion book: recipes, updated and tested by food editor Jennifer Billock, using measurements and techniques that modern readers can use in their own kitchen. List $12.95 / Sale $8.

Food in the Civil War Era: The South. Edited by Helen Zoe Veit. Vol. 2 in the American Food in History series shows how seemingly neutral recipes reveal things about Southern life beyond the dinner plate. List $29.95 / Sale $18.
A Selection of Modernized Recipes from Food in the Civil War: The South. A companion book: recipes, updated and tested by food editor Jennifer Billock. List $12.95 / Sale $8.

Malcolm X’s Michigan Worldview: An Exemplar for Contemporary Black Studies edited by Rita Kiki Edozie and Curtis Stokes. Topics include the Nation of Islam; was Malcolm antifeminist? How do Malcolm’s early childhood experiences in Michigan shape and inform his worldview? List $39.95 / Sale $24.

Ink Trails: Michigan’s Famous and Forgotten Authors by Dave Dempsey and Jack Dempsey. Michigan is the birthplace of many of the nation’s best-known authors. In this entertaining and well-researched book—the first of its kind—the secrets, legends, and myths surrounding some of Michigan’s literary luminaries are explored. List $19.95 / Sale $12.

Ink Trails II: Michigan’s Famous and Forgotten Authors. by Dave Dempsey and Jack Dempsey. This second volume of “ink trails” continues the story of the remarkable writers, powerful words, and sublime nature of Michigan. List $22.95 / Sale $14.

Detroit Resurgent edited by Howard Bossen and John P. Beck. Through photographic portraits, interviews, essays, and poetry, this book demonstrates the vitality and humanity of Detroit’s people, providing a powerful counternarrative to the vision of Detroit as a Rust Belt wasteland. List $29.95 / Sale $18.

Detroit: Race Riots, Racial Conflicts, and Efforts to Bridge the Racial Divide by Joe T. Darden and Richard W. Thomas. Focuses on the post-1967 social and political developments in Detroit, expanding on the black-white dynamic to address the influx of more recent populations to Detroit: Middle Eastern Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans. List $29.95 / Sale $18.

Ottawa Stories from the Springs: Anishinaabe dibaadjimowinan wodi gaa binjibaamigak wodi mookodjiwong e zhinikaadek edited by Howard Webkamigad. The stories in this collection, recorded by Anishinaabe people in the Harbor Springs area of Michigan, draw on legends, fables, trickster stories, parables, and humor. The tales were first kept in their original copper wire format by the American Philosophical Society. Side-by-side Anishinaabe/English translations.  List $24.95 / Sale $15.

A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan by Joshua G. Cohen, Michael A. Kost, Bradford S. Slaughter, and Dennis A. Albert. The culmination of three decades of work by Michigan Natural Features Inventory ecologists, this field guide is small enough to carry in a backpack and provides a system for dividing the complex natural landscape of Michigan into easily understood and describable components called natural communities. List $34.95 / Sale $21.

Vintage photographs illustrate this three-volume history [sold separately], which relives the story of America’s premier landgrant institution from 1855 to today’s Michigan State University. Cloth in dust jacket, 8.5 x 11.  List $39.95 each / Sale $24 each.
Vol. 1  Michigan Agricultural College: The Evolution of a LandGrant Philosophy 1855-1925
Vol. 2  Michigan State College: John Hannah and the Creation of a World University, 1926-1969
Vol. 3  Michigan State University: The Rise of a Research University and the New Millennium, 1970-2005

Discovering the Peoples of Michigan series. Over 35 paperbacks by differing authors examine the multicultural heritage and ethnic dynamics of the Great Lakes State and its rapidly changing historical and social structures. Illustrated. List $12.95 / Sale $8 each[The Reader List is $5 / Sale $3.]

Sale special prices will be applied in our Shopping Cart.
Remember to use the code HOLIDAY2016 when ordering. Ordering problems? Call 800-621-2736