James B Beard, World’s Leading Authority on Turfgrass, to Receive CSSA Presidential Award.

Dr.Turfgrass Jame50-210-1E-68-beards Beard Receives Crop Science Society of America Highest Honor

Dr. James B Beard, world’s leading authority on turfgrass and author of “Turfgrass History and Literature,” to receive 2014 CSSA Presidential Award at their 2014 Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA , “given to persons who have influenced the science or practice of crop production so greatly that the impact of their efforts will be enduring on future science.”

Dr. James B Beard is the world’s leading authority on turfgrasses and turfgrass science. He spent most of his career in academia, first at Michigan State University, then at Texas A&M University, where he is currently professor emeritus of turfgrass science. He has pioneered investigations concerning turfgrass and the ecology of grass, and has published widely and lectured both through-out North America and internationally. Currently, he guides turfgrass research and education pro-grams, especially internationally, while also instructing in turfgrass education through seminars, papers, manuals, and books. He has also served on many national committees. He has been the recipient of the Turfgrass Science Award and the Crop Science Research Award of the Crop Science Society of America. He was the first president of the International Turfgrass Society. He has been elected to the Board of Directors of CSSA, ASA, CAST, and ITS; and honored as a Fellow of CSSA, ASA, and AAAS.